Condensation Myth

You might have heard the old chestnut about condensation in containers. Well the truth is containers were designed to go to sea so they are inherently sealed and waterproof. However all our self store units have ten specially designed waterproof air vents to optimise airflow within the container. So, if you don’t put any moisture into your unit, none is going to find its way in there. As long as you make sure everything is dry when it goes in by, for example thoroughly draining your washing machine, everything will stay dry whilst it’s in there. If you want to make double sure, we can supply you with a purpose made condensation remover that can absorb up to 2 litres of water.

If you have any more concerns about condensation (or anything to do with container storage in general), just give the Space Program Ground Crew and ring on 01172 900205. They’ll be able to give you the facts and advise on the best thing for you to do.